Thursday, April 6, at 21:00, broadcast on the Facebook page Save Lancia

It will be broadcasted Thursday, April 6, at 21:00, on the Facebook page Save Lancia, the documentary “Lancia Year Zero”. A first vision, inspired by the Rossellini’s masterpiece “Germany Year Zero“, thought to take you straight into the Lancia myth, the Italian automaker founded 110 years ago by Vincenzo Lancia.
Lancia Year Zero“, starts with Marchionne’s statements about the disappearance of the Lancia brand due to the low appeal of the brand in foreign markets, leading us to trace the achievements of a unique entrepreneurial story, all Italian, of sports records still unbeaten and probably unattainable , aiming to sensitize the viewer not to squander the greatness of this historical heritage that the world envies us: that of one of the most prestigious brands in motoring history.
The Lancia history is intertwined inextricably with Torino, the years of the great Italian industry, until the abandonment of the historical sites and the recent years of economic crisis.
Lancia Year Zero” is much more than a simple chronological sequence of the models that have made the history of the car: it is an act of complaint to the irrationality of those who did not stop to disperse a unique heritage of knowledge and beauty, to the rampant overdevelopment of those building that could demolish the “secular sanctuaries” that still, who knows until when, defending the memory of what was, as the Lancia skyscraper.
But “Lancia Year Zero” is above all an act of hope, what many “lancisti”, enthusiasts and visionaries around the world still hope to be able to transmit to the FCA management the message that the “stain” of killing Lancia may turn into an unforgivable sin: the disappearance of a entrepreneurial history that has no equal, if not in the myth of Enzo Ferrari.