Una firma per una passione durevole





    The tradition of this previously hugely distinguished and innovative manufacturer has been overlooked, ignored and under-invested in for too long.

    It makes no sense whatsoever to sink huge sums into Alfa-Romeo when worldwide sales of that marque number less than sales of Lancia Ypsilon in Italy alone. With a proper range of well thought out and engineered models Lancia would be a force to be reckoned with once more.

    Cancel this lunatic plan to cancel Lancia!



  • Tiago Cruz PORTUGAL

    Lancia is part of the Italian auto industry heritage. It’s no suprise its situation has come to the present state, after years of badge engineering and complete contempt for its historical legacy.

    The FIAT group should attempt a real comeback to the WRC, and it should do it with a Lancia. Citroën went also through a bad phase but the PSA group NEVER tried to destroy the brand, even less to get out of WRC (for one yer there were absent, but the team competed unofficially). Ferrari is for F1. Alfa is for the WTCC and Lancia is for the WRC.

    How many automotive groups could achieve this with the brands under its control ? Only one. Get Lancia on track. Design and build real Italian luxury cars and customers will come.