Why Lancia must be given a new lease of life: an open letter to Sergio Marchionne

Source www.carmagazine.co.uk Dear Mr Marchionne, As an owner of a homologated version of the most successful rally car of all time, I am saddened to be informed that Lancia is to be sold only in Italy, and fear this to be an omen of the eventual demise of this illustrious brand, once considered globally to be the epitome of style, engineering excellence, innovation and unrivalled motorsport success in the world of rallying. This is an appeal to you, Mr Marchionne, to revive the brand and I wish to take this opportunity to explain to you, through CAR magazine and as best as my words allow, why. lancia7Before I go on, a little information about myself. I am passionate about cars and have been so for as long as I remember. I like to think I know a little of what makes a car ‘special’. My first car, bought with my hard-earned money years ago, was a 105 series 1975 Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV. I am certain you will understand that for the price paid, I could have bought a Brera, or a modern Guilietta, but instead I opted for a rear-wheel drive classic to understand Alfa Romeo. I dearly loved that car and I am glad to see that thanks to you and your team of respected engineers, Alfa Romeo is once again emphatically responding to the passion of Alfisti all over the world. But I digress. Having sold it with a broken heart following a minor accident, I wanted a car which could match or exceed the level of feedback and sensory stimulation the Alfa provided. It was important for me that the car performed well, was dynamically excellent, that it looked, sounded and felt ‘just right’….

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