110th Anniversary. We need you

Caro Lancista,

as you well know 27 November 2016 marks the milestone of the 110th Lancia anniversary. A sad anniversary given the recent decisions of the FCA group, which in fact, sealed the destiny of one of most charismatic brand in the world.
Today Lancia survives thanks to a limited range, basically just one model, represented by the citycar Ypsilon; car that most likely will not even be guaranteed by a new generation model.
In this difficult context there has been the positive reaction of many fans gathered together on the web creating a network of profiles identified in the #SaveLancia project. Thousands of people that in recent years have been able to break the chains of silence that has covered the unfortunate decision to erase a well-known and appreciated brand as Lancia used to be.
There has certainly been no lack of consensus, as well as the appreciation of international websites, but now we need to do more, in order to translate our mutual interest into something more cogent because a passion cannot be wished away in this way.
Because of this we’re talking about, the importance of the historical memory of an industry that has been able to surprise with quality products and cutting-edge technology.
Of that memory, now, FCA just wants to get rid of it: too cumbersome and problematic to manage, better to be silent and carry on with the oblivion.
In this emptiness, we are trying hard to ensure a continuing focus on the future of the italian carmaker, only moved by the passion for the story we decided not to take down the blue flag with white logo and the word Lancia.
For the anniversary of 110 years together we would like, and we invite everyone to help us, given the delicacy of the situation, offering your support for an initiative that we care: a digital book that will be distributed free through the web (sites or social networks that have supported the initiative).
This celebratory occasion should even be useful to test the commitment and participation of us “lancisti” in an attempt to prove that this story should not be erased but rather preserved and relaunched.
What do we need?
The book will follow in a narrative text-picture 110 years of Lancia thanks to pictures (even ones you like vintage). These photos must be taken showing your Lancia model (even with people present, if desired) be accompanied by short thoughts on what the brand represents for the author, or anecdotes and special facts related to your Lancia.
We would love to receive stories and tales linked to the Lancia world you can put in the book: memories of former workers, dealers or simply enthusiasts. A way as any to leave imprinted those moments and not disperse them forever.
We know how Lancia has inspired designers, and creative, in concept development and in our book we would like to give space to their creations to show how that source of inspiration still continues to thrill despite the forced oblivion.
Many lancisti have a real cult for the brand. Do you have a photo to prove it? Send it with a brief description.
110 anni di Lancia
Schedule and info
Articles, photos and texts should be sent by 31 October at web@savelancia.it We ask you to respect that date to allow the editing of the book. For information and clarification, please contact us or visit our website savelancia.it.
We believe this initiative is fundamental to really test our passion and commitment, to show with pride that Lancia is still able to exercise the appeal and international recognition.
We trust in your support so that our common passion wouldn’t be dispersed beyond measure: together, united, we can make the difference, let’s get to the test.110logo_english

Happy 110 th Anniversary to Lancia and to all of you.